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Brief Therapy & Hypnosis

 "Disturbed behaviours are the results of dysfunctionning human relationships, 
not of psychically sick individuals"- Paul Watzlawick

For whom?

Brief Therapy and Hypnosis are efficient at all ages: adults, teenagers or children.

They concern any person wishing to find fast, efficient and sustainable ways to improve/solve a psychological and/or interpersonal problem, whether in their private, social or professional lives.

For young children the therapist works primarily with parents. In daily contact with their child they are the ones that can more easily bring about the change, while respecting the needs for security of the child, and avoiding stigmatising him/her by bringing him/her into therapy.

How can a therapy be efficient and profound if it is brief?

It is a common belief that therapy has to be long to be efficient. This is however not true 

This belief originates in the onset of psychoanalysis. For many years psychoanalysis was the only known method to treat psychological and interactional problems. However it is to be remembered that the beginnings of psychoanalysis date back to 1880-1900: over 120 years ago! In 120 years, in psychology as in all scientifical fields (even if some do not consider psychology as science as the human factor is difficicult to quantify) knowledge has greatly evolved. 

Since 1950s and the Macy Conferences at Palo Alto - when a number of the world's leading experts in a variety of scientifical topics gathered to share knowledge - newly acquired knowledges in the field of psychology have implied completely new understandings and new ways to treat people with interactional and psychological problems.

Thus, how can a therapy be efficient if it is brief? 

First of all thanks to the ad hoc training, professionalism and abilities of the therapist. 

Second, through the patient's implication in the therapeutical process.

Sessions are very interactive. The therapist will ask many questions.

Patients will be asked to do some case-specific exercices between each session.The aim of these "tasks" is 1) to better understand the way the problem works and remains and 2) to unblock it. They are therefore key to bring about fast change/the improvement process. 

As a result, in most cases apart from very complex ones, in about 10 sessions per problem, often less, the problem is solved, or at least well on the way to be resolved.

One of the numerous great strengths of the systemic approach and of Brief Therapy and Hypnosis, apart from its efficiency, is that the person learns to find in him/herself the ressources to resolve his/her problem, and how to deal with it should it materialise again. A bit like microcredit: the patient is empowered to take his life into his own hands. 

For whom?

Brief Therapy, while for all ages, is for people really motivated by change and wishing to invest themselves practically into the therapy in order to see occur the betterness they are seeking for.


- Post-traumatic stress disorder
- Nervous break-down, burn-out
- Anxiety, stress, phobia, panic attacks
- Marital conflicts
- Sexual problems
- Child-related problems, including problems at schools
- Eating disorders: bulimia, anorexia
- Obsessive compulsive disorders (OCDs)
- Sleeping disorders
- Personality disorders, addictions
- Psychosomatic complaints
- Family conflicts 
- and more...

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